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Do You Understand Your Building’s Fire Alarm System?

Do you understand your buildings Fire Alarm System The fundamental of fire alarm system in buildings are designed for fire detection and provide warning to public when there is a fire outbreak. Eventually it shall help and allow appropriate installed firefighting system in the building to be activated and minimize the damage on the building. [...]

Connected Load Charge

Connected Load Charge (CLC) Connected Load Charge is a mitigating tool to discourage consumers from over declaring their load requirement. Over declaration will lead to over plant usage and associated waste of resources allied to increases in reserve margin. Without CLC, other consumers have to also pay for the unnecessary higher cost of electricity due [...]

Maximum Demand

Maximum Demand Introduction What is Maximum Demand? Maximum Demand is calculated and billed by a kW demand meter, which records the highest kW value consumed in one 15 minute period, over a monthly billing cycle. How to control Maximum Demand? The purpose of controlling the demand is not to exceed the contracted maximum demand limit. [...]

Power Factor Considerations

Power Factor Considerations In electrical engineering, the power factor of an AC electrical power system is defined as being, the ratio of the real power flowing to the load to the apparent power in the circuit, and is a dimensionless number in the closed interval of -1 to 1. Apparent power is the product of [...]

Electrical Safety For Safe Workers

Electrical Safety Training For Safe Workers Safety in the workplace must always be a the primary consideration for employer and employees alike. Electrical safety training is critical. It is specially of great consequence for those who set up and repair electrical resources because electricity is inherently dangerous. Nobody can restore a employee or cherished family [...]

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