Two essential parameters to understand your pump sizing

Pumps are getting common in today world. Many places are using pumps on their daily life or production requirements. But how well you know your pumps selection? Are your pumps perform at their most optimum conditions and and giving you the best output?
In today life, we are emphasis on efficiency and cost effective. Article below will share with you on the two essential information you shall look into it on your pumps selection.
1.0 pump flow rate 
It shall refer to your pump delivery rate. It can be expressed in several ways on its unit. 
a) liter per min (lpm) 
b) gallon per minit (gpm) 
c) imperial gallon per minute (igpm)
d) others 
How these values been determine? 
Normally it shall refer to the demands. It can be your fluid usage demand at home or your commercial equipment demand, such as
a) heat exchanger, 
b) air handling units, 
c) fan coil unit or
d) any others equipment required certain amount of fluid. 
2.0 pressure required to deliver the source of the fluid to the desired destination via transfer Medium (mostly using piping) 
There are three parameters to be taken into consideration while sizing the pressure head in pump selection, 
a) static pressure – pressure due to the height of the liquid level above the pump suction 
b) equipment pressure drop – it refers to pressure drop across the equipment while the fluid cross the equipment. Or in another way, the minimum pressure that required by the equipment to functions 
c) friction loss – pressure drop occurred due to pipe and fittings.