Do you understand your buildings Fire Alarm System

The fundamental of fire alarm system in buildings are designed for fire detection and provide warning to public when there is a fire outbreak. Eventually it shall help and allow appropriate installed firefighting system in the building to be activated and minimize the damage on the building.

Each building has its own usage, storage, or other purposes. Therefore, different system shall be applied and designed on the different types of buildings based on the local law and regulations.

Fire Alarm System can be operated manually or automatically. Manual call points as part of the fire alarm system and automatic detection system have their own functions and purposes in protecting the buildings.

Why we need a Fire Alarm System

Designed: Fire Detection & Warning to public when fire outbreak.
Allow active fire protection system to activate.

Different type of buildings has different type of design codes

Can be operated manually and automatically.

Eventually reduce the damage to the building and saving public life

5 types of Major Fire Alarm Systems

Current Market Practice

  1. Analogue Addressable System
  2. Semi-Addressable System
  3. Conventional System
  4. High Sensitivity Smoke Detection System
  5. Linear Detection System

Don’t forget your Fire Alarm battery

The entire fire alarm system shall be backup by the battery with minimum of:

  1. 1 hour of Alarm Load
  2. 24 hours of Standby Load
  3. 15% Safety Factor

Is your building installed with correct Fire Alarm System?
Is your building having sufficient Fire Protection System?

Fire is never a gentle Master

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