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Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing of large electrical equipment such as power transformers, switchgear, air circuit breakers, and replacement where necessary.

It is a requirement at law for all consumers of electrical power to have installed current interrupting devices at the main electrical panel, to save lives in the event of an electrical fault. The protection device, often called a relay, will trip or interrupt the power supply in the event of any abnormal condition, thus potentially saving lives in the process.

As per the guidelines in Section 110 of the Electricity Supply Act and Electricity Regulations (1994), all protection relays must be tested and certified to be functional by an authorized tester. This test must be carried out at least once in 2 years.

One Alpha Electrical Services offers this valuable service. In addition, we also test the power transformers, and electrical panels to ensure they are in good working order.

We have teams of dedicated Testers in Johor Bahru as well as the central region of Malaysia all having been certified by the Energy Commission to offer this service. We also do the servicing and maintenance of all electrical power equipment such as Transformers, Switchgears, Air Circuit Breakers, and can supply replacement parts such as MCCB’s, Capacitors, and others, upon request.

We monitor our clients TNB bills to ensure they are paying the right amount for the electricity they use. We help clients avoid the penalties that may be imposed by the Power Utility Company in Malaysia too.

We have many success stories of saving our clients’ money every month by carrying out due diligence of their power consumption.

One Alpha Electrical Services also has a dedicated team of qualified persons who are dispatched to our client’s premises in the event of any serious power failure whereby the client is unable to restore power.

We operate a 24-hour call out service to ensure our clients have peace of mind in case of any emergency.

One Alpha Electrical Services will ensure that our clients comply with the requirements of the Energy Commission. We frequently help our clients to register their premises with the Commission, as required by law. We update their electrical single line diagrams and ensure that each drawing is duly endorsed by a professional engineer.

We also remind our clients to renew their registration before expiry and assist to collect their payment for their renewal license and we send this payment by hand to the nearest Energy Commission office. We offer this extra service for free fto our existing clients.

One Alpha Electrical Services have been established professional Engineers for over 30 years now. We are a one-stop service provider throughout Malaysia with offices in Ara Damansara and Johor Bahru.




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