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TNB Tariff Audit

We can save your business thousands in electricity costs… free

TNB Tariff Audit

One Alpha Electrical are one of a tiny handful of electrical engineering companies in the country that have the qualifications, experience and the necessary degree of professional credibility that comes from nearly 4 decades in the business, to have the ear of those that matter.

Thus, we are one of a few companies that can successfully offer our increasingly popular TNB Tariff Audit service.

This is a service that saves many of our client’s many thousands of dollars a month on their TNB Bill. Here’s how it works.

Our experience is that many of our client businesses are paying for their electricity under the wrong Tariff code. Simply put, they are paying too much for their power, month after month, because the Tariff code is too high.



 Let’s imagine that this is your company. Step one is to supply us with a copy of your latest TNB Bill. From this, we can usually identify whether there may be some possibility that your current Tariff is too high. We may need to do some additional testing at your premises to establish the accuracy of your current Tariff code, but the Bill is often enough to know whether it is too high.

Suprisingly commonly, it is.

We have a very long track record with TNB. We know them, and they know One Alpha for what we are – honest, diligent, hard-working and serious. They know that we will not waste their time, and we respect their time and professionalism in return.

If your Tariff is too high, we can generally convince them to reduce it, on your behalf. Notice, all you’ve done so far is hand over a copy of your TNB Bill – you’ve spent nothing, you haven’t had to try to negotiate with TNB yourself, nothing. We’ve done it all.



 Okay, so we negotiate with TNB for you and in all likelihood, we get your Tariff reduced, saving you thousands of dollars a month (see our testimonials page for proof).

We take an agreed percentage of these saving for a fixed period of time as our fee, and you pocket the rest. Simple as that.

As you can see, this really is a completely risk-free process for you.

You only pay One Alpha a fee if you ‘win’! Even if you don’t, you at least have the satisfaction and ‘kudos’ of knowing that you did a thoroughly professional job by ensuring your costs are as low as they can be!

Although we say so ourselves, this is a service that every business in the country should investigate. After all, it’s not easy to slash business costs with no initial outlay, right?

To do so, call or use either form on this page to get the ball rolling…



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